Spring in Montreal

wool peacoat blanket scarf

Spring has finally arrived here in Montreal.  You can tell that things are warmer here by the lack of snow (kind of) and the wet ground.  The season is mostly categorized by the melting of all the snow and ice that coats the city from Halloween to Easter.  Also, in these photos I am not wearing a hat or gloves.  This is a very exciting development.  The other exciting development is that I can actually bear to be outside for longer than a few moments at a time in order to shoot these photos.  As we were going through this process I was wondering how I had any strength to shoot in the winter in the past years.

Blanket Scarf Blue Glasses

Wool Peacoat Blue Glasses

Also – not to mention, my knees were out.   I’m still looking forward to ditching the wool coats and blanket scarves in favor of light sweaters and cut-offs that will be filling my wardrobe by the end of the month.  Not that I don’t adore this old wool coat, a little something I picked out several years ago from a second-hand shop in Toronto.  Paired with my new scarf and bag, both acquired during Christmastime, I loved how this grey-scale outfit rounded out with the only pop of color being my rarely-posted glasses.  A little cherry-on-top for this outfit is that most of these items were purchased either on sale or through an outlet.  For example, I picked up this lovely bag at the Wrentham Outlets outside Boston during a major sale back in January.  In addition, these J-Brand jeans were found during a particularly adventurous digging session at Winners! (For all you Americans like me, Winners is Canada’s TJ Maxx.)

Kate Spade Purse

Wool Peacoat Grey Scarf

Prada Glasses Gold Earring

Wool Peacoat Ripped Jeans

Coat – J. Crew Majesty Peacoat / Scarf – Anthropologie (Similar) / Jeans – J Brand (Similar) / Shirt – Topshop / Shoes – Stan Smith Addidas / Purse – (Similar)