Leaving New York

It’s a beautiful day in Central Park. As I sit eating my lunch in Sheep’s Meadow, people less pale than me are lying in blankets getting sun and some shirtless dude is meditating. Oh look! Another shirtless dude just arrived. This one has a baby with him.
It’s my last few hours in the city and I’m washed over with a certain feeling of calmness mixed with nostalgia. I really hate saying goodbye. Even if I know I won’t see someone soon, I always tell them I’ll see them later. So, it’s not good bye, not entirely.
Being the overly-organized person I am, I finished cramming all my personal possessions into suitcases yesterday and have been left in a weird limbo of waiting for my ride share tonight with nothing else to do. Do I make an effort to have one last adventure in the city? I never did get to Ellis Island. But nah, it’s best I just enjoy my time leisurely and try to suppress my stress about fitting all my suitcases in the car. I walked 10 blocks to my favorite falafel stand (Rafiqi’s on 53rd and Park) then strolled through Central Park and here I sit in my favorite spot in the shade of Sheep’s meadow. 
Ugh, I just spilled rice on myself. 
I’m really going to miss this city. Though I adore living in Montreal, it’s not New York. It’s even harder to believe that in a few short months I’ll be finishing up my degree and then…who knows! Maybe I’ll come back to New York. 

NYC, I love you, I’ll see you later.

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