Best Cross Body Bags for Fall (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Net-a-Porter has just kindly informed me that cross body bags are in.  Fantastic! I own several of these, and now I have an excuse to buy more! I click through to the ~shop the editorial~ section and see a glorious array of Gucci to Loeffler Randall and Fendi.  With much reluctance, I update my preferences to price low to high, because who am I kidding, I don’t have hundreds to drop on that Gucci bag.  No matter how beautiful it is, or how perfectly it would go with that one dress I own.  Okay, page is loading up.  My eyes slowly roll to the back of my head as I am reminded that in the world of Net-a-Porter, cute cross body bags do not exist below the $300 mark.  You know what does exist below the $300 mark? Like, hundreds of cheap yet acceptable bottles of white wine.

I do not have $300 to spend on a bag, and if you’re like me then maybe you’re frustrated by the desire to obtain gorgeous bags without..the means.  My disappointing cross body bag encounter sent me scavenging the internet for pleasantly acceptable alternatives that won’t make my bank account come find me and kill me in my sleep.  If bank accounts were, you know, sentient beings. Check out my favorite fall picks below so that your bank account does not come and find you and kill you too. 

Blinkin Bag – Matt & Nat – $125
Shareen Bag – Matt & Nat – $125
Medium Minimal Satchel – New Look – $33
Vintage Leather Cross Body – Asos – $46
Silver Bumble Cross Body – Skinny Dip – $38

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