Casual Weekdays

I’m loving the fact that comfort is becoming a significant part of style nowadays.  Though dressing up is always fun, it’s nice to just throw on some sneakers and be on my way.  As finals are coming and papers are due, being super fancy isn’t really a prerogative.  Isaac and I photographed this particular outfitRead more

Grey Days

I’m so monochrome.  It’s hard to feel bright when the sky is grey and everything is a tad rainy.  There’s something so liminal about this time of year where the snow is melting and the ground is consistently wet.  Thankfully when these photos were taken it was in between the small showers and I wasRead more

Wake up Calls

Ohmygosh.  If you’re wondering where I’ve been this past month or so – you could have found me half asleep in bed most likely.  10/10 would NOT recommend getting mono.  But!! I’m back and I’m ready to get even more involved into my blog.  If you’ve stuck with me – send me a comment! WhatRead more